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Tanks are known to be an engine of war, bringing forth mass destruction in their wake, killing millions of people and injuring numerous others. But, Tank Trouble 2 is a contrast to everything you have ever known about tanks! It has miniaturized versions of tanks, which carry remarkable cuteness to them! If driving a tank and blowing up others was your dream. Then, you should try your hands at this game, and blow up your enemies into oblivion, or your friends!

How do you play this Game?
It is as simple as A, B, C. Actually simpler than that! When you begin the game, you are made to choose one amongst the 3 playing options provided by the game. Single Player, 2- player and 3- player mode, deciding upon which your tank (s) is ( are ) taken on the battlefields, to fight it out to extermination.

Single player mode - At the first glance, it is easy to believe that you have been transmitted to a game that is elementary. But, when you play against the indomitable " Laika", your opposing tank ( automated ). Then, you would understand that everything is not nice and dandy. She is a very hard tank to defeat and would blow you into nothingness if you lose focus. As you move forward, beating her level by level, the maze would become harder and more randomized.

2- Player mode - In this mode, you are made to fight against a player of your choosing, and your tanks would be conjured up in the battlefield, pitted against each other in a fight to the death.

3 - Player mode - Works on the same principle as the 2 player mode, except for the addition of an another player. This completely changes the stakes of the game, making it a harder and more fulfilling experience!

Remember, when you hit the walls the bullet has a chance to ricochet back, so avoid it at any costs. And, when you are up against your indomitable foes, try to shelter the hits by hiding behind the walls, this may end up destroying them!

The controls to the game.
Did you know that you could play Tank Trouble 2 using nothing other than your keyboard and mouse? We will tell you how!

Player 1 Controls:
Shoot with Q, Navigate with E, S, D, F for Up, Side, down and left respectively.

Player 2 Controls:
Shoot with M, and use the keys to navigate based on the directions provided.

Player 3 Controls:
Shoot with the left mouse click and move your mouse around to propel your tank in the chosen direction.

Tank Trouble 2

Tank trouble 2 is a great online game to kill some time, and also to show your friends whose the boss. It may act as a fun and addictive way to counteract and settle all the arguments, we enjoyed it, let's hope you do too!